Reduce The Time Taken To Access Your Home With a Touch of a Button, a Tap of a Card, Or Via Your Smartphone.


Sick of Holding a Large Bundle of keys in your pocket or simply locking them inside your home or car? Fingerprint Door Locks Are the way of our future, Our locks offer App control and many other methods of Controlling your Properties, Make life easier, and purchase yours now!

Use nothing but the best AUSLOCK SMART LOCKS.

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Secure Your Home With Australia's Highest Grade Digital Door Locks

Tamper alarms, auto re-locking and viewing access logs, the ability to remotely grant time sensitive access to guests and visitors are just some of the security features that provide full control and peace of mind for you. The demand for smart digital door locks is increasing by the day and it is time for you to take action and secure your family with one!

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The Trusted Benchmark In the Smart and Digital Locks Space


Are you looking for the experts in the smart lock industry for security solutions you can depend on to safeguard your home or business? Seeking a digital lock company that offers a nationwide reach with a personal touch? As Australia’s best serving smart lock company, AusLock offers a fully comprehensive service that is the trusted name in the industry. From manufacturing, sales, installations and after sales care we are truly the only option to consider when thinking about smart door locks in Australia.


"These locks are fantastic. Best on Australian market"

- Lois Boswell

"I purchased a Smart Lock from this Australian Company. Great Quality and Service. Cant recommend highly enough. Thanks Again..."

- Shane Bleakley

"Great locks, easy to use. Very happy with the service."

- John Kelly

"Easy to install and use through App. Works well. Liked the slim smart lock design very much."

- Shaun


Are smart door locks safe & worth it?

Yes, smart locks are as safe as your traditional locks and have multiple advantages that are worth your investment.

Is AU Smart Lock Best in Australia?

Integrated with several advanced features and easy to install design, Au Smart Lock devices have been one of the favourite smart lock options on the market today.

Can smart door locks be hacked?

Yes, smart locks can be hacked. However, with proper installation, updating the software and keeping your passwords safe, it is extremely difficult to hack.

What are the disadvantages of smart locks?

- Unless you are a tech-savvy, it could be irking to install the smart locks.

- You should have a smart phone to work with them.

- If your lock’s battery power goes down, you can unlock the door.

- They can be hacked

- They are also expensive

However, these are not the problems with AU Smart Locks as all our devices come equipped
with state-of-the-art technologies and features to ensure the safety of your

Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry for Your Home


- You can lock and unlock your doors remotely.

- They work with smartphones

- Eliminate the need for carrying keys

- Let you control and restrict who can enter your home

- Aesthetically pleasing

- Vulnerable to hackers

- Call in a professional to install

- Need a smartphone

- Restrict your entry if the battery is dead

Note: With AU Smart Lock devices, you don’t have to deal with these cons. They can’t
be easily hacked and are easy to install.

Are smart locks safer than keys ?

Smart locks offer a convenient way to monitor access to your home, so they are safer than conventional keys.

Are smart locks easy to break ?

Our smart locks are of very high-quality and come with several built-in safety features to prevent intruders from breaking-into.

Do smart locks come with keys?

Yes, you will get two or more traditional keys with each smart lock device to open or close the door.

How secure are biometric screenlock ?

Fingerprint door locks are more secure than traditional locks as keys can be stolen or misplaced but fingerprints can’t be done so. Moreover, biometric locks come
with several security features, which make them a safer alternative to
traditional lock & keys.