About Auslock
Digital Door Locks

Auslock started with an IT Specialist, Architect and a Builder, typical to the jobs, one planned whilst the others implemented.

Working in the building industry, the technology available to the Australian Market was not abundant. This problem led to Auslock finding a solution, not just for themselves but for all of Australia. They have offered a service to provide Australia with nothing but the best Digital Door Locks!


Our mission

Who We Are

We are a the physical Smart lock shop and online Store that supplies our Australian customers with exclusive products that were only once available to “business to Business” Customers.

With our extensive knowledge in Digital door locks we aim to advance our young country of Australia with new and upcoming technology that the world has to offer. We offer 24/7 Support.

Digital Door Locks

Why Auslock?

Leading the tech space in Smart Lock hardware, Auslock has options to suit all of your clients needs. Based in Australia all quality assurance, customer service and support is available at your door step for convenience and peace of mind.

Fast AusPost Deliveries are Guaranteed

Our Aussie Partners Product Process

Auslock www.auslock.net Offers the opportunity for exclusive OEM / ODM*
  • STEP 1

    Product Concept

  • STEP 2


  • STEP 3

    Research & Development of final design

  • STEP 4


  • STEP 5


  • STEP 6

    Prototype Testing

  • STEP 7


  • STEP 8


  • STEP 9

    Feedback & Testing

  • STEP 10

    Product Development

  • STEP 11

    Final Product

  • STEP 12

    Quality Control

  • STEP 13

    Customer Assurance

  • STEP 14