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Slim Series Smart Door Lock (Ultra Slim 38mm)

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Slim Smart Lock for All timber and Metal doors and can be used on a sliding door.

Slim 38mm (Fingerprint version)

Slim, Thin & Smart

  • This slim digital door lock can be unlocked in 6 different ways: fingerprint access, Wi-Fi app access, Bluetooth app access, PIN code, card and mechanical key unlock
  • This compact slim 38mm wide panel can be fitted into any aluminium, wooden and UPVC door
  • Strong 304 Stainless Steel design
  • Convenient app management system that allows users to manage their slim smart lock anytime and anywhere
  • Users can manage any number of slim smart locks they have with just one smart device
  • Its FPC fingerprint identification reader ensures only authorised people can enter your home
  • The slimline door lock handle is adjustable, so it can swing left or right, plus it comes with multiple settings to suit various scenarios
  • Multi-level administrator settings allow homeowners to better manage their smart premises
  • Query unlock records anytime and anywhere for ultimate home security
  • Micro-USB emergency power supply for when power is lost
  • Up to 8,000 times access
  • Anti-peep touchscreen
  • Built to withstand all weather conditions
  • Auto-locking function
  • Passage mode


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our guarantee

  • Fingerprint Unlock

  • Pwd Unlock

  • Card Unlock

  • App Unlock

  • Wifi Unlock (With Gateway)

  • Key Unlock

Lock Structure

Electronic Door Lock 38mm Slim Smart Door Lock Control

This is our new-designed aluminium slim smart door lock. With the latest structural design, and a panel width of only 38mm, this smart lock is suitable for any aluminium door frame larger than 30mm. This slim digital door lock can also be used for wooden and UPVC doors and fits all kinds of mortise. It has a convenient management system and 6 ways to unlock, including PIN code unlock, card unlock and mechanical keys unlock. With advanced app management via Wi-Fi (g2 gateway) / Bluetooth that enables you to connect the slim smart lock to your smartphone, you can manage your slim smart door lock at any time from any location.

Our easy-to-use slim smart door lock provides great convenience and will fulfil all your smart home requirements.

This slim door lock also adopts the latest push rod structure design to fit all kinds of mortises (UPVC, Multipoint mortices).

Slim Series Smart Door Lock with Alexa and Google Home

The Slim Series Smart Door Lock offers advanced
integration with Alexa and Google Home, elevating home security and

Users can effortlessly control the lock using voice
commands like "Alexa, lock the front door" or "Hey Google,
unlock the door." This compatibility allows for hands-free operation
and the ability to link the lock with other smart devices for a
comprehensive home automation experience.

Download Alexa & Google Home Guide

Technical Specs

  • Item Name: Slim Smart Door Lock (Fingerprint version)
  • Item Number: Slim Series 31B
  • Unlock Ways: Bluetooth APP, WIFI APP, Fingerprint, Password, Card, Mechanical Key
  • Fingerprint Reader: FPC Fingerprint Reader
  • Card Type: MF1 Card (13.56MHz)
  • Identification Time: <0.1S
  • Material Made: 304 stainless steel
  • Colors Available: Black, Silver, White, Gold and Grey
  • Application Places: Residential, Apartment, Home, Office, Airbnb
  • Item Size: 280mm*38mm
  • Door Thickness: 30mm~80mm
  • Working Temperature: -20℃~70℃
  • Working Humidity: 20%~90%
  • Voltage: 6V (4x AAA Batteries)
  • Low Voltage Warning: Below 4.8V
  • Battery Duration: Support 10,000 Times of Lock & Unlock Operation
  • Data Capacity: Unlimited
  • Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Malay and more is coming
  • Ingress Protection: IP Rating 66
  • Supplier: AUSLOCK

IP Rating of the Slim Series Smart Door Lock: Understanding IP66

The Slim Series Smart Door Lock boasts an impressive IP66 rating, indicating a high level of protection against environmental factors. This rating is composed of two numbers: the first digit (6) signifies complete protection against dust, ensuring that no particulate matter can enter the lock and interfere with its mechanisms.

The second digit (6) denotes protection against powerful water jets from any direction, meaning the lock is capable of with standing heavy rain or direct water sprays without suffering damage.

This robust protection makes the Slim Series Smart Door Lock highly suitable for outdoor use, providing reliability and security in various weather conditions. With its IP66 rating, users can rest assured that the lock will perform reliably, maintaining its integrity and functionality over time.

  • Airbnb, CoLiving & Rental Properties

    Secure short-term rentals with keyless access.

  • Residential Home

    Enhance security in residential homes with convenient smart access.

  • Commercial Buildings

    Elevate security measures in commercial buildings with hassle-free keyless access.

  • Work Spaces

    Enhance security in workspaces with effortless and keyless access.

  • Health Care, Restaurants & Other Businesses

    Reinforce security in healthcare, restaurants, and other businesses with seamless access.

  • Any Other Properties

    Empower security in diverse properties with convenient, remote and smart access.


Can I buy a WI-FI gateway bridge later?

Yes, you can always come back at any time after purchasing a lock to purchase the WI-FI gateway bridge.

Can the slim series be used on gates?

Yes, it can, but it depends on the dimension of the gate. Please email dimensions and images of the gate to so we can review and then inform you if the lock is eligible. If the gate is a new gate then you can refer the slim series product to the gate fabricator who can have the gate fabricated in accordance to the slim series dimensions to ensure a perfect fit.

Does the cost include installation?

No, a separate charge shall apply for installation service that you can book through Aus Smart Locks or one of our approved dealers.    

Can this lock work on sliding doors?

Yes, the slim series lock can work on sliding doors by providing you with a double hook mortice.

Can I Change My Smart Lock’s Master Password?

Your initial master’s password will be ‘0000’, and you can change it as per the user manual.

Is it possible to open the door lock if the battery runs out?

Yes, you can open the door lock in two ways – you can charge up the door lock using a power bank with android cable. Then, you can use your card, fingerprint or password to open the door. Another way is to use the manual override key provided.

Does the slim series work with the multi locking system?

Yes, the slim series retro fits onto the existing multi locking system, which means that you will not need to use our own mortice. It will also make the installation part easier, requiring less effort.