Smart Hotel Locks

Custom electronic hospitality industry locks use the latest in lock technology and are highly recommended for hotel and property managers that want to stay up to date. These smart locks ensure guests are secure while providing them with quick and easy access to their room.


If you’re looking for a lock shop that stocks every type of smart lock for hotel, inn and resort facilities, get in touch with AU Smart Locks. We have a wide range of electronic pin pad locks, touch screen locks, biometric hotel locks and key card door entry systems for sale that are specially made for hotels, motels, inns and resorts.


AU Smart Locks is always ahead of the curve, as we follow all the latest lock industry trends to provide modern electronic hospitality industry locks that are designed to meet the needs of hotels Australia wide. Every type of smart lock for hotel facilities we offer provides guests with maximum security and convenience, ensuring their belongings will remain safe at all times. Guests can also easily enter their rooms without having to carry a bulky key with them.

Types of Hotel Locks We Offer

  • Swipe card door entry systems
  • Biometric hotel locks
  • Touch screen locks
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Pin pad lock
  • Wi-Fi locks
  • Bluetooth door locks

The Benefits of Using Hotel Locks

Maximum Security

Having smart hotel locks installed on the doors of guest rooms and staff areas will ensure that no unauthorised persons will gain access to any of these rooms. Any codes given for a pin pad lock, fingerprints added to biometric hotel locks or cards provided to use with key card door entry systems will only work during the length of the guest’s stay, preventing unauthorised access.

Improved Guest Experience

Installing a smart lock for hotel rooms will make it easier for guests to enter their room with ease. This also helps hotel owners and staff, as they can complete the check-in and check-out process faster with smart locks without having to supply a physical key, meaning guests won’t have to wait any longer than they have to.

No More Lost Keys

Electronic hospitality industry locks that are designed to provide keyless entry for hotels can make the possibility of a guest losing their room key and being locked out of their room a thing of the past. Hotels can instead get swipe card door entry systems that allow guests to use a card that’s easier to look after, providing them with easy access to their room and the hotel’s shared amenity spaces like swimming pools, gyms and business centres. Hotels can also opt for an electronic touch screen or pin pad lock that requires no key or card at all.

Get the Best Hotel Locks Today

Are you a hotel manager that wants to know “is there a lock shop that can supply personalised hotel locks near me?” Give AU Smart Locks a call today on 1300 644 288 or contact us online to get the best hospitality industry locks Australia wide.