Smart Residential Locks

Are you looking to make your household more secure? Shop at AU Smart Locks today for the best residential door locks and handles Australia wide! Homeowners can take home automation to the next level by getting personalised home locks installed on front doors, back doors, garage doors and other doors, eliminating the need for a key. Our cutting-edge smart entrance door locks and handles ensure that only authorised users are able to enter your house.


Whether you need a single or double door entrance lock set for sale, you can rest assured that all of our electronic locks for residential properties include multiple convenient features, such as biometric, fingerprint and touch screen capabilities, making them highly recommended for any household. We can supply you with an entrance door lock set in any shape and size you require, ensuring it will fit into your doors and blend in seamlessly.

Types of Smart Residential Locks We Offer

  • Biometric residential locks
  • Fingerprint locks
  • Touch screen locks
  • Bluetooth door locks
  • Deadbolt locks

The Benefits of Using Smart Residential Locks

Maximum Protection

Unlike conventional door locks, smart personalised home locks are incredibly hard for burglars to pry open when they attempt to break into a house. This is because electronic locks for residential properties are built out of strong materials and come with state-of-the-art encryption technology. Homeowners can have great peace of mind knowing that only authorised users can gain access to the inside of their house.

No Keys Needed

Homeowners no longer have to worry about having a set of keys on them whenever they leave the house, as keyless house entry is possible when personalised home locks are installed. Homeowners can use their smartphone or even their fingerprint to unlock their door. AU Smart Locks provides keyless locks residential customers can use with ease, making using keys a thing of the past.

Open Doors from Anywhere

Homeowners will never need to come home early from wherever they are if a family member or guest needs to get inside their house. Smart residential door locks allow you to use your smartphone or device to lock and unlock your doors from any location, making life easier for all.

Track All Comings & Goings

Smart residential door locks can be linked to apps on smartphones that allow homeowners to monitor when people try to enter and exit their house. This will keep homeowners up to speed with what’s happening at their home in real time, giving them the chance to call the police if any trespassers are trying to get into their property.

Order from AU Smart Locks Today

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