Smart Locks for Restaurants

If you’re a restaurant proprietor that wants peace of mind when it comes to your establishment’s security, you should seriously consider installing a security door smart lock designed specifically for restaurants. Smart locks for restaurants and cafes make managing your business far easier, as they can be operated from any location via a smartphone or device.


As a leading supplier and manufacturer of the best digital locks for restaurant establishments Australia wide, AU Smart Locks can fit a custom security door smart lock at your place of business that offers a wide range of impressive features and benefits. We have all kinds of personalised locks for restaurants and cafes for sale that don’t require any physical keys, making access control easy.


We make a point of always staying up to date with the latest smart locks for restaurants and cafes on the market, allowing us to offer our clients the very best restaurant door locks that fulfil all modern security needs. We can send one of our security door smart lock technicians to your premises to carry out all wiring and installation work, getting the job done fast to ensure your business faces as little disruption as possible.

Types of Smart Restaurant Door Locks We Offer

  • Smartphone locks
  • Wi-Fi locks
  • Bluetooth door locks
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Touch screen locks

The Benefits of Using Smart Restaurant Door Locks

Better Security

At AU Smart Locks, we know how important getting a custom smart lock for security door applications is for any restaurant or cafe. Our restaurant door locks give business proprietors complete peace of mind, as they keep intruders out and ensure only authorised persons can enter the premises.

No Need for Keys

Business proprietors often have to carry multiple keys on a bulky keychain for the restaurant and cafés they own, which can be quite a hassle. Not only can these keys potentially be mixed up, but they can also be lost or even stolen. AU Smart Locks can install a keyless lock for restaurant and café owners who no longer want to deal with keys. They can instead get a keyless lock for restaurant use that’s operated by a smartphone or touch screen, making matters much easier.

Track All Comings & Goings

All business proprietors would naturally like to know when any unauthorised person tries to enter their property. By installing a custom security door smart lock that’s linked to an app on a smartphone or device, business proprietors can be instantly notified of when anyone enters or exits the property in real time.

Enquire with the Experts at AU Smart Locks Today

If you’re a restaurant or café owner that has been wondering “is there a lock shop that supplies personalised smart locks for restaurants near me?”, make AU Smart Locks your first choice. To learn more about our smart locks for restaurant and café use, enquire with our experts today by calling 1300 644 288 or contacting us online.