Smart Door Locks Canberra

Are you sick of fumbling for your keys? The smart locks from Auslock can provide you with safe access to your home, while ensuring high-end protection for your family and possessions. In the era where everything has become digitised, right from smart bulbs and smart speakers to smart phones, there is a need for a solid digital door lock system for your home. Serving households and businesses across Canberra, we have brought to you the finest collection of keyless smart door locks that are convenient for both residential and commercial applications. No more jiggling of your key in the slot – enter the code on panel, swipe the card or put your finger on the fingerprint icon to enter your home. 


Long-Lasting & High-Performing Digital Door Locks:

All our digital door locks come jam-packed with a wide range of advanced features that conventional locks don’t offer. From tamper alarms, auto-re-locking and ability to viewing access logs to providing time-sensitive access to visitors, our smart locks give you total control over your home and provide you with great peace of mind.

Moreover, our digital lock system comes with app unlock, fingerprint unlock, Wi-Fi unlock, card unlock, PWD unlock, or key unlock feature, so you can go with the one that best fits your application.

Types Of Digital Door Locks Available:

  • Smart Deadbold Door Locks
  • Wi-Fi Smart Lock With Keypad
  • Non-Fingerprint Smart Door Locks
  • Fingerprint Smart Door Locks
  • Keyless Entry Door Locks
  • Slim Smart Door Locks with Fingerprint
  • Slim Smart Door Locks without Fingerprint

Why Choose Our Smart Door Locks? 

  • A large variety of access modes
  • Cost-effective, convenient and safe
  • Ability to upscale innovative vibe to your home
  • High-quality & long-lasting
  • Loaded with advanced features & mechanism
  • Great value for your money

At Au Smart Locks, we not only manufacture and supply smart door locks, but can also help you with installation. If you would like to fit a digital door lock to your Canberra property, don’t wait to call us on 1300 644 288 .