Different Types Of Access Modes In Smart Digital Door Locks

Different Types Of Access Modes In Smart Digital Door Locks

Digital door locks offer different types of access modes, with each access mode requiring a specific action to lock or unlock a door. At AU Smart Locks, a leading manufacturer of digital door locks in Australia, we have incorporated five locking-unlocking mechanisms in almost all our locks to ensure convenience to the users. Below, we have compiled a list of various access modes included in our keyless door locks.

Key-Pad or Passcode:

This is the most basic option available in almost all our smart locks. This feature allows you to unlock the door by entering a combination of digits on the numeric-keypad. With this option, you can set up any number of passwords with different access rights.


When you show the RFID card in front of the lock, the sensors will scan the unique code embedded on the card to unlock the door. This RFID entry method is quite beneficial for office, corporate and commercial premises.


This is one of the most convenient and safest access modes available. All you have to do is to register your fingerprint to set up the lock. When you want to enter the home, you simply need to scan your fingerprint. No fumbling with keys, cards or complex passwords to remember.

Mobile App / Remote Access:

Mobile App / remote access is the most comfortable way of unlocking your door. To avail this feature, you should pair up your smart door lock with your mobile phone. Once done, you can unlock your door even from a distance. By using the mobile app on your phone, you can monitor your entire home security through it.

Mechanical Key:

Having a mechanical key in hand can be extremely helpful in case of emergencies. That’s why we provide a mechanical key to every customer who gets digital door lock from us.

If you are looking for digital door locks for your home or office, explore our collection of smart locks and choose the one that best suits your needs. Even if you want something to be customised, you can ask our in-house experts to custom-design a keyless locking system for you. For more details about our digital door locks in Australia, call 1300 644 288 and talk to us today.

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