Why Should You Upgrade Your Existing Locks To Smart Door Locks?

Why Should You Upgrade Your Existing Locks To Smart Door Locks?

We are all living a busy life that doesn’t give much time to look for lost keys. Have you ever called your spouse at work to bring home a spare key? If yes, you will know how beneficial it is to upgrade your existing locks to smart locks. These keyless lock systems provide many benefits for home and business owners. Continue reading to find the top advantages of getting smart locks for your home.

No More Juggling With Keys:  

Smart door locks eliminate the need for fumbling and searching for your house keys. You can unlock the door with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology or by assigning passcodes to the people.

Improved Security:

Smart door locks provide better protection to your home or office. With its keyless entry feature, no intruders can access the deadbolt. Moreover, the remote monitoring system provides alerts in the event of any suspicious activities.

Convenient For Elderly & Disabled:

People with disabilities and older adults can sometimes have complications in accessing traditional locks. However, with smart door lock systems, people can gain access to your home or office with just a single tap on the phone.

Remote Access:

With this keyless technology, you can lock and unlock your doors using mobile applications from anywhere in the world. You can even grant access to multiple people and keep track on people coming in and leaving your home at any time of the day or night.  

Multiple Ways To Lock & Unlock:

By having a smart door lock installed, you can lock and unlock your property in different ways - fingerprints, passcodes, cards or by just tapping on your mobile phone. These locks are sure to provide added ease to your lifestyle. Of course, you will get physical keys too!

Improved Aesthetics:

Smart door locks are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and styles to choose from. By picking up the right one for your home or office, you can improve the aesthetics of your property.

If you are looking for the perfect keyless lock, explore the collection of smart door locks available at AU Smart Locks. For any question about our keyless lock system, call 1300 644 288 and get in touch with us today. Our service is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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